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Going the extra Mile.

Going the extra Mile.

Once again we seem to have managed to delight another customer, this very kind lady has gone out of her way to remember to send us an email of thanks from a job we did a few weeks ago for a Hotplate Element for an old Moorwood Vulcan MasterChef PLUS E90-R-15. There was no identification on the equipment but we managed to recognise the element from a photograph emailed from Claire at Elevenses Bakery in County Armargh or

She needed the element in a hurry, so we made a special trip to the Post Office to help get it there on time. Good Luck with your new venture Claire.

From: Claire Keenan 
 Sent: 06 December 2016 09:48
 To: Sarah Fay
 Subject: Re: Sales Invoice. From T.P. FAY (KIRKBY) LTD.

Hi Sarah

I have meant to email back before now, just wanted to thank you 
for going out of your way to post the element Royal Mail for me 
(based in northern Ireland), saved me making an extra payment 
and meant we had a working hot plate for the opening of our new bakery, 
many thanks for the help from you and the team at 
TPFay who identified the element we required from a photo, it was much appreciated.


Claire Keenan

We were really glad to have helped and it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to get recognition for doing our job the best way we know how.


Thank you for saying, Thank you. We love feedback.

It’s really great to get a positive response from a delighted customer.

We really try to do the best for all of our customers, and it becomes the “normal” level of service. But when we get feedback, it really helps us know we are getting it right.

 Date: 10 October 2016 at 21:51:32 BST
 To: Sarah Fay 
 Subject: Re: Sales Invoice SIN______. From T.P. FAY (KIRKBY) LTD.

Dear Sarah,

Just a quick e-mail to you to thank you and your team for 

an excellent job on my recent order. I had to ask for you to

push through the elements for me after a total break down

here at work. I had initially said that there was no hurry so

when you managed to get them done in just over 24 hrs,

well that was unexpected and very much appreciated.

Thanks again


Graham Hayes

Daily Wash Service Ltd.

Graham, Thank you for saying thank you. We appreciate it.

Here to Help

A breakdown at our customer left production stopped.




We were able to help by making replacements within a few hours.

The message of thanks was really appreciated, by the whole team. But you are very welcome!

Hi Sarah
Thanks for the fast action on our order. Really pulled us out of a disaster. Thanks to the manufacturing people as well.
Stuart Masson | Manufacturing
DAMS Furniture Ltd. (Trading as DAMS International)


Inflatable Heater Not Working? We Can Help!- REDUCED PRICE

Here in the UK we are, hopefully, at the start of rare ‘good’ summer. That is to say we’ve had more warm, sunny, dry days than rain for a change! Summer means that for those who are lucky enough to own a spa pool, it will be getting much more use than normal.

Even on the hottest of summer days, it is still necessary to heat the water in a spa pool, and when the heater stops working, it can render a spa unusable. BUY NOW – PRICES SLASHED

Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg

Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg


Infrequent use, and damp or humid storage conditions, can see old heaters fail, and the last thing you want to do is get into your spa and find that the heater either doesn’t work at all, or is not heating as rapidly as it used to do.

We Can Replace Your Inflatable Spa Heating Element

Has your Inflatable Spa stopped heating up? This can be an indication of a problem with  your hot tub heating element.

Thankfully, here at we are the heating element specialists, and hot tub elements are no exception!

We can very easily and rapidly replace the element for you, and in no time at all, you’ll be back to enjoying your warm and bubble Inflatable Spa!

Read more about our Inflatable  Spa heater elements here, alternatively, you can get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Update 27/12/2017 You can now BUY a replacement Inflatable Spa heater elements here,

Bespoke IBC Heater Designed, Built & Delivered in Just 24 hours!

Our friends over at Oil Salvage Ltd, called us. They have IBC Containers that contain a liquid that was suffering from a lack of viscosity now that the weather is cooler. A special Heating Element was required to raise the temperature, to get the liquid flowing correctly.

IBC Intermediate Bulk ContainerAn Intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a container used for transport and storage of fluids and bulk materials.

There are some standard products that can be used as jackets over IBC containers, but they are quite delicate and can easily suffer damage in many industrial environments, especially if they are not handled with great care.

Oil Salvage Ltd, needed us to manufacture a special heater that would fit into the cap on the top of the IBC.

“Oh, and we need it tomorrow!”…

“No problem!” we said! Back at the factory, we quickly designed the heater, based on the information provided about the liquid, and the control temperature it needs to reach. We used one of our standard straight length Heating Elements, adapted standard components, and fabricated new parts.


We used our fi Industrial Immersion Heater head and IP67 Terminal Cover, because it will be used out-doors and needs to be robust enough for repeated use.

We supplied a separate Cotherm Control thermostat to be housed in an adjacent box, with the temperature probe in the full length pocket.


The heater was supplied complete with a separate Cotherm Control thermostat which was delivered only 24 hours later.  Just in time to beat the cold weather!

If you need a heater for your IBC or other special application check our bespoke design service page, or contact us, we will be delighted to help you!