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Farewell to Paul. Greetings to Alan.

It is with regret that we said goodbye to Paul Robertson in December. After 13 years he has decided to move on to another challenge with good company in the area, we wish him well.

With the start of 2018 we welcome Alan Daly to take up the role, of Packing operative, “Tzar of shipping Despatch and many things”. As with everything at TPFay, it will involve doing a bit of everything. We’re sure he will settle in quickly. Welcome to the team!

We will be recruiting again, for other roles very soon. We will post the roles and requirements shortly.

We Make-up for Make-up

Recommended to contact us by a friend (Our favourite kind of advertising) Mike Dargan of Dashbo Ltd, brought another new application for us.

Dashbo are a manufacturer of Theatrical and Special FX makeup. A new formulation needed to be heated in an insulated container, then maintained at a constant temperature.

Mike visited our factory bringing the container, and explaining the requirement.

Dashbo needed something that was hygienic, low watt surface temperature and easily removable to permit easy cleaning of the container and the element after use.

After discussing various options we designed a heater to fit the container for the first trial production batch.

Image of Heater design

Image of Heater design

A few simple designs were sent for approval. A pocket was incorporated for simple plug in digital controller.



Make-Up Heating Element Dashbo

Make-Up Heating Element Dashbo

If we can assist with the “Make-up” of bespoke heaters for your application please get in touch, call +44(0)3703505058 or email or fill in our contact form here. We will be pleased to help.

Question Mark Brewery Kettle Heater

Here we have a “Question Mark” shape brewery immersion heater. For a leading London Micro-Brewery.

Designed to create a rolling boil in your Brewing Kettle – removable for cleaning when required.

Easy fit and easy removal. Heat is concentrated around the lower circumference of your kettle / copper.

If you are puzzled by the question mark and have some of your own?

Just ask us we will show you how we can make one for your kettle.




Saving your bacon.

Saving Old Equipment, making customers happy by helping save cost. Mercury Rangemaster cooker.

Is it infuriating when you have a piece of equipment or an appliance you like or need to use, with time and use one component on it stops working properly or fails completely?

You contact the manufacturer and they advise the part is obsolete or discontinued. You search the internet for other suppliers of the part but there are none; what do you do?

That is just what happened to some of our customers recently. Within a few days we were contacted by two customers who have a very expensive range cooker.

These Mercury Rangemaster Cookers were integral to the kitchens of the customers and functioned very well but eventually the grill elements failed. It is a necessary function of radiant grill elements that they have high watt density elements that glow red when in operation; they will fail generally faster than elements used for other lower temperature operations (if elements never failed we would be soon out of business). This, expensive, and much loved and much used range cooker was now out of service for the sake of a grill element.

Hello David,

As promised, I’ve followed up on your request for some further information:

Does it Cook / Grill evenly?     YES

Does it Cook / Grill faster?      Not really sure, since we regulate the power to cook things at the right temperature/speed.  I can’t measure against the old element, because you have it, but it certainly has a much brighter glow and is hotter.

Is it fully controllable with the Existing controls?  YES.  The controls show no signs of excessive arcing/wear as a result of the increased current.

Did the element fit easily as a direct replacement? A better question is “Was the element an accurate replica of the original?” – the element is a complete pain to fit, but that’s due to the oven design not your handiwork!  The old element was difficult to remove.  However, I didn’t have to bend/cut/adjust/grind anything for your one to fit.  The original element screwed to a small plate that provided the earth post, and this plate then screwed to the back of the grill.  I think this is due either to an element change by design or the element coming from another application.  A small improvement would be for your mount-plate to be full size to save having to get the plate off the old element.

Would you recommend others to use this Replacement element?  YES, definitely.  This model of Mercury cooker was hand-made by Lincat.  The newer Mercury cookers are mass produced by Rangemaster and are nowhere near as solid/good quality.  It was a £3k cooker, so replacing an element for your cost after ten years seems to me to be perfectly reasonable.  Plus, you chaps are the only ones that (now) supply the elements – you’re onto a winner! (except that there probably aren’t that many of these cookers around).

My biggest concern was the increased current draw and how the house wiring handled it.  The cooker is on a 10mm cable and a 40A RCD, so the cable’s fine and the MCB can just about take it.  Some customers might have it on a 6mm cable and a 32A MCB – the cable will be fine but the MCB would need to be changed.  Current draw:

Small oven: 11.7A
Large oven: 9.7A (odd, I know, but it’s fan assisted).
Grill small: 7.8A
Grill full: 16A
Max draw with all elements lit (cold): 37.7A

These are measured at the consumer unit with a clamp meter.  The grill seems low based on the simple P=VI formula, but we do have slightly high voltage (c 250v) because we’re rural so are fed by transformed 11kV supply.  I’m not complaining, since I’ve not had to change the MCB!

Anyway, I hope this information if of use.



Another day, more happy customers. And best of all their bacon cooks evenly across the grill.

If you need an identical element you can purchase one on our product page here

Mercury Rangemaster Dual Grill Element Replacement

Mercury Rangemaster Dual Grill Element Replacement

A British Manufacturing Company

Amid all the talk of exit negotiations from the EU, upcoming trade agreements with countries around the globe, exchange rate worries, tariffs and duties, protectionism, the world of trade looks a little perilous right now.

So why not Buy British?

A British Manufacturing Company

A British Manufacturing Company

TPFay saw the perils of a shrinking UK market of suppliers in 2009, and decided to do something about it. Our supplier base in the UK was getting smaller, we could, and did, explore the world for additional and alternative suppliers for heating elements. There are many manufacturers to carefully choose from; but, even with the best quality products, logistics were always an issue. The sometimes random delivery time and fluctuating cost to ship goods around the world made us wary of looking to import our heating elements.

We invested heavily, in new plant and machinery, and quietly, began making our own straight length heating elements in 2011.Company History

We have gained security in our supply chain, can offer you rapid delivery, and can be assured of quality from start to finish in all aspects of our key product – Heating Elements.

Plus we have created and secured British jobs, we have done our bit to try to even out our little bit of the trade balance.

Our production techniques are unique and environmentally frugal.

TPFay are undoubtedly reliant on some raw materials that are sourced outside the UK but wherever possible we will use UK manufacturers and suppliers. We are not closed off to the prospect of global trade, we are keen exporters of our products, worldwide.

So we would like to urge you to Buy British, especially if you are considering buying heating elements, but more than that, if you can make a positive choice when buying or specifying any items. Ask questions of your suppliers, can it be British sourced. Obviously, cost is a consideration, but after shipping, import costs, potential delays and so many more factors, is a UK supplier really more expensive? Your order could make a difference, to your company, to your supplier and the UK economy as a whole. Give it a try. Give us a try.

A British Manufacturing Company

A British Manufacturing Company



Going the extra Mile.

Going the extra Mile.

Once again we seem to have managed to delight another customer, this very kind lady has gone out of her way to remember to send us an email of thanks from a job we did a few weeks ago for a Hotplate Element for an old Moorwood Vulcan MasterChef PLUS E90-R-15. There was no identification on the equipment but we managed to recognise the element from a photograph emailed from Claire at Elevenses Bakery in County Armargh or

She needed the element in a hurry, so we made a special trip to the Post Office to help get it there on time. Good Luck with your new venture Claire.

From: Claire Keenan 
 Sent: 06 December 2016 09:48
 To: Sarah Fay
 Subject: Re: Sales Invoice. From T.P. FAY (KIRKBY) LTD.

Hi Sarah

I have meant to email back before now, just wanted to thank you 
for going out of your way to post the element Royal Mail for me 
(based in northern Ireland), saved me making an extra payment 
and meant we had a working hot plate for the opening of our new bakery, 
many thanks for the help from you and the team at 
TPFay who identified the element we required from a photo, it was much appreciated.


Claire Keenan

We were really glad to have helped and it gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to get recognition for doing our job the best way we know how.


Thank you for saying, Thank you. We love feedback.

It’s really great to get a positive response from a delighted customer.

We really try to do the best for all of our customers, and it becomes the “normal” level of service. But when we get feedback, it really helps us know we are getting it right.

 Date: 10 October 2016 at 21:51:32 BST
 To: Sarah Fay 
 Subject: Re: Sales Invoice SIN______. From T.P. FAY (KIRKBY) LTD.

Dear Sarah,

Just a quick e-mail to you to thank you and your team for 

an excellent job on my recent order. I had to ask for you to

push through the elements for me after a total break down

here at work. I had initially said that there was no hurry so

when you managed to get them done in just over 24 hrs,

well that was unexpected and very much appreciated.

Thanks again


Graham Hayes

Daily Wash Service Ltd.

Graham, Thank you for saying thank you. We appreciate it.

Here to Help

A breakdown at our customer left production stopped.




We were able to help by making replacements within a few hours.

The message of thanks was really appreciated, by the whole team. But you are very welcome!

Hi Sarah
Thanks for the fast action on our order. Really pulled us out of a disaster. Thanks to the manufacturing people as well.
Stuart Masson | Manufacturing
DAMS Furniture Ltd. (Trading as DAMS International)


Inflatable Heater Not Working? We Can Help!- REDUCED PRICE

Here in the UK we are, hopefully, at the start of rare ‘good’ summer. That is to say we’ve had more warm, sunny, dry days than rain for a change! Summer means that for those who are lucky enough to own a spa pool, it will be getting much more use than normal.

Even on the hottest of summer days, it is still necessary to heat the water in a spa pool, and when the heater stops working, it can render a spa unusable. BUY NOW – PRICES SLASHED

Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg

Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg


Infrequent use, and damp or humid storage conditions, can see old heaters fail, and the last thing you want to do is get into your spa and find that the heater either doesn’t work at all, or is not heating as rapidly as it used to do.

We Can Replace Your Inflatable Spa Heating Element

Has your Inflatable Spa stopped heating up? This can be an indication of a problem with  your hot tub heating element.

Thankfully, here at we are the heating element specialists, and hot tub elements are no exception!

We can very easily and rapidly replace the element for you, and in no time at all, you’ll be back to enjoying your warm and bubble Inflatable Spa!

Read more about our Inflatable  Spa heater elements here, alternatively, you can get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Update 27/12/2017 You can now BUY a replacement Inflatable Spa heater elements here,