Inflatable Hot Tub Element Replacement BUY NOW – REDUCED PRICE – Made in Britain

TPFay can supply a replacement Inflatable Hot Tub Element (may be suitable for various models including Lay-z-spa egg model number 54075). for only: £74.40 REDUCED to £54.84 each including shipping and VAT 

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Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg

Inflatable Hot Tub (fits Lay-Z-Spa) Element

Made in Britain

Made in Britain

The weather is changing and you want to get out your Inflatable Hot Tub. Has your Inflatable Hot Tub Element Failed?
Does it look like this?
You can buy a British Made replacement from TPFay

TPFay Inflatable Hot Tub replacement element Buy Now (may be suitable for various models including Lay-z-spa egg model number 54075). For only: £74.40 £54.84 each including shipping and VAT 


Order yours today, make the most of your Inflatable Spa while the good weather lasts! Click the Link above to add yours to the cart, to place your order. 

Full 12 month warranty, for materials*

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This is a replacement for a type of hard to find inflatable Hot Tub Element. So many people contact us as soon as the weather improves in spring, they bring out their Inflatable Spa to have a nice relaxing time in the garden to find the old original element for the Egg Model 54075 has failed during use last year or now has an earth fault and trips the residual current device or earth leakage device protecting the circuit used to power the Inflatable Spa. We are told that these are difficult to source and are no longer made by the original manufacturer, over the past few years we have repaired many original failed Inflatable Spa heaters sent to us by our customers. Now, finally we have manufactured our own replacement parts and can supply a direct replacement. Made in our own factory from high quality Nickel Alloy 800 Elements, skilfully welded into custom made brass heads that will fit directly into the Inflatable Spa tank. The existing thermal cut-out or thermostat will simply unscrew and fit onto the TPFAY heater, and the wires will connect in the same way onto the spade terminals. If in doubt – have an electrician do the work or test it for you!

Contact us to Buy your Inflatable Spa Hot Tub replacement element Now and start enjoying a relaxing dip in your Inflatable Spa within days.

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