Water Boiler and Vending Machine Heating Elements

Providing a compact source of Controllable Heat for Water Boiler Tanks and Urns, Vending Machines, Utensil, Dishwasher or Glass-Washing Machines or any bespoke water, food, beverage or cleaning application.
Suitable for Manual or Auto-fill tanks and vessels.

Production run of small boiler elements

Boiler Heating Elements

Manufactured from Incoloy Heating Elements formed to your specifications
Secured using Bolt-in Flange Plates, Screw Thread heads, Compression Flanges or Bushes or Glands.






Can be supplied with Control or Hi-Limit Thermostats designed to help prevent operation out of liquid if required.


Water Boiler Element Production

Any quantity, made to order.
From Hundreds of Water Boiler Heating Elements to One-Off Bespoke manufacturing is not a problem for your special application or difficult to find replacement.
Contact Us to for help selecting your Heating Element


Suitable for

Water Boilers, Tea Urns, Coffee Machines, Steamers, Steam Cleaning Equipment, Carpet Cleaners, Dishwashers, Glass-Washers, Utensil Washing, Sterilising Equipment, Vending Machines, Bain Maries, Bread and bakery provers, Humidifiers and more.