Revent Oven Element


TPFay manufacture replacement Revent Oven Elements suitable for Bakery Ovens Manufactured by REVENT Models 6 Series and 7 series Manufacturer Part Number 30507901

Revent Oven Element 30507901

Revent Oven Element 30507901



5100 Watts 415 Volts 765mm Inserted Length 2″ BSP Thread (G2″)

Fast Delivery from  extensive stock.

Suitable for Single Rack Oven

Revent Ovens are the oven of choice for In-store Supermarket Bakeries.

Bakery Oven and Element suitable for Revent

Oven Element suitable for Revent Oven

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Manufacturer Information about Revent Bakery Rack Ovens

Standard Oven Features

  • Mechanical Rack Lift
  • Computer or Digital Controls
  • Unique airflow design
  • High volume steam system
  • 88% thermal efficiency


  • GIAC Extended
  • Choice of canopies
  • Choice of extractor ventilators
  • Platform
  • Choice of rack lift
  • Rear window
  • Left hand hinged oven door
  • No drain
  • Core temperature sensor
These elements are direct alternative replacement items manufactured from Quality Heating Elements.
Other Bakery Elements available, suitable for Ovens, Provers, Fondent and Chocolate Tanks.