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Here to Help

A breakdown at our customer left production stopped.




We were able to help by making replacements within a few hours.

The message of thanks was really appreciated, by the whole team. But you are very welcome!

Hi Sarah
Thanks for the fast action on our order. Really pulled us out of a disaster. Thanks to the manufacturing people as well.
Stuart Masson | Manufacturing
DAMS Furniture Ltd. (Trading as DAMS International)


Join us on Google Plus!

We are delighted to announce that we are now on Google+. Not many people realise it, but it’s now the world’s 2nd biggest social network and it provides a great alternative to Facebook which is increasingly jam-packed full of annoying adverts.

TPFay on Google Plus

We’d love you to give us a +1 and if you add us to your circles, we’ll add you right back!

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You can also find us on http://www.buildir.co.uk

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