TPFay at Forty Years 1978 to 2018

2018 is a big year for TPFay (Kirkby) Limited as we’ve reached the impressive milestone of 40 years in business. We were incorporated on 27 July 1978.

TPFay is 40

Our History

Over the last four decades we may have come a very long way from our humble beginnings. The business was founded by Terry Fay, manufacturing in his garage, accompanied by his father Peter.

Terry and Peter (TPFay) began by purchasing elements manufactured by others, then custom forming and assembling them to bespoke designs and repairs of existing heater units. With stock stored in all corners of the house, including the loft, the whole family was always always closely involved with the business, day and night. The dining room was used as the office, even the kitchen oven was used to dry elements before sealing.

Our present 12,000 square foot facility couldn’t be more different! We now have purpose built production to manufacture our own heating elements from scratch.

A long and eventful journey, but we are still located next to the house where it all started.

In our 40 years of trading, we have always worked hard to ensure our products stay at the forefront of the market and put this success down to a combination of innovative design, technical and delivery services, developed with our customers in mind.

We continue to invest time and money to improve our services, making the best products for each customer’s requirements.

We’re incredibly proud to be a forward thinking, family run business with family values which remain true to this day.

Thank you from us at TPFay!

We would like to thank; our customers and suppliers (past and present), from every part of the UK, and Worldwide, for continued support.

Our customers, for continually challenging us, making each day different, not allowing us to stand still.

Our suppliers who help us select the best products and services to enable us continually improve everything we do.

Last, but not least our team members, the entire TPFay family, past and especially present. You make us what we are.

We use all of the experiences gained over the past 40 years every day, and we use them to power forward for the next.

Here’s to another 40 years of success!