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COVID-19 Update 02.11.2020

Lockdown November – December

TPFay Ltd will continue to operate, in accordance with government guidelines.

We expect to continue production, subject to safe working and availability of our manufacturing team; we have sufficient stock of raw materials, and confidence in our supply chain, where further supplies are required.

Some of our office and admin team may be working remotely, as we have invested heavily in our infrastructure, we expect there should be little, or no disruption to our service. It is our aim that customers should experience business as usual, in so much as it could be in 2020!

We will not be receiving any visitors within our building.

Our Trade counter will remain closed.

Regular collections will continue by our carrier services, for all our next day and timed delivery services. Carrier deliveries will be made to external delivery racks. No delivery notes will be signed or exchanged.

Collections by customers, or delivery of samples or items for repair, will be by prior arrangement only. We reserve the right to refuse site admission to any visitor arriving without prior arrangement.

Any pre-arranged collections will only have vehicular access via our “In Gate” barrier intercom.

Follow any instructions given by our team for access to the site. Failure to adhere to instructions may result in refusal of access, refusal of service and ejection from site.

Items for collection or delivery of your samples or items for repair will be placed in special, external collection racks adjacent to our Goods In / Out. Visitors must remain behind barriers or lines, and follow written or verbal instructions.

Our team will not open the doors or have any close contact with visitors.

We will not permit any access to our building.

Stay safe and help us to stay safe too!

Coronovirus update 11.06.2020

Coronavirus Update – We are, and have remained open for enquiries and limited stock orders throughout the lockdown.

We had closed production, temporarily from 24.03.2020 while we assessed the ongoing situation in order to protect the health of our team and society in general.

We have started a partial resumption of production, however the situation remains fluid and may change at short notice.

We are working to clear the backlog of orders we have been fortunate to receive over the shutdown and we are aiming to prioritise orders in the schedule they were received where possible.

We will give priority to healthcare or other critical applications.

We will update our status as events unfold.

Our trade counter is closed and collections and deliveries are by pre-arranged appointment only. All visitors must abide by social distancing guidelines.

We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for their support over the past weeks.
We hope and trust you are all safe and well.
Stay safe.
See you all soon.

Coronavirus Update – 23.03.2020

Following government advice we will close production, temporarily from 24.03.2020, while we assess the ongoing situation in order to protect the health of our team and society in general. We hope to find a way to return to production as soon as possible. Our phone lines remain open and our office team are working from home, we will respond to all enquiries.

Coronavirus Update

We are closely monitoring the current public health challenge linked to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and we are applying the recommended health and hygiene practices to all aspects of our operations in the affected markets. Demand for our products remains high, we are managing our delivery commitments in order of receipt. Subject to public health advice and the health of our team members, partners and suppliers, we will continue production and supply, however the situation remains fluid and may change at short notice. We will update our status in our news section.




Coronavirus outbreak is spreading ever more day after day, causing significant worldwide business disruptions and restrictions within supply chains.

The TPFay team is monitoring the situation and working to maintain delivery continuity.

We are working with all our UK and International suppliers in order to assess potential negative impacts, taking into consideration their full supply chains.

Based on the public information disclosed by the national and international Health Authorities and taking into consideration the purchase orders already confirmed by TPFay Ltd, we currently have no major criticality to report.

We will keep monitoring the situation and we will put our best effort to avoid disruption to our supply chains in your interest, however TPFay Ltd shall not be deemed to be liable for any shortage due to Coronavirus outbreak, as it is a clear “force majeure” event out of our control.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration.

Kind Regards

David Fay

New Phones

Time for a change…

We are updating our phone systems, starting the week commencing 9th September 2019.

We have made all the plans we can, we think we have covered all the bases; but as with many things there are many “unknown unknowns”

IF there are any issues, use email

WhatsApp 07926953456
or call us on backup 07926953456.

We will be ready to help you however you get in touch.

Repair or New?

Here at TPFay we are looking to save our customers time and money.

Therefore we offer a repair service for old obsolete or burnt out heating elements. If you need to replace an old immersion heater or formed element, in many cases we can repair or rebuild your old heating element offering you considerable savings.

If you are looking for a repair or replacement please contact us for more information.

We always look to see if we can repair heaters, we do not like to waste materials or resources. Re-use is a valuable saving, in financial and environmental considerations, in some instances.

However, the construction of some existing heaters do not match our design and assembly criteria.

In these instances we use our judgement to determine, if repair of the existing heater is possible but may carry a great deal of risk of failure in service and during manufacture / repair process.

A contingency cost may be required to cover such risk.

The risk, combined with the time and resource required to attempt any repair, may be much greater than the material cost to manufacture a new heater, at this point we will offer the best alternative or replacement design.

Farewell to Brian

After over 27 years Brian Mitchinson has decided to retire from TPFay Ltd. Joining us when we only numbered 3 including the 2 directors. Brian has been an integral part of the DNA of this company.

We have made some tremendous changes in the intervening years, Most have been positive, and some were less so, but we all survived and continually learned and improved, though it all Brain was a steady and constant presence.

Brian would comment frequently on the “Time Machine” feeling of working here. It always seemed like five minutes since he started, but years had passed.

Now he has reached the time when he would like to stop. With the minimum of fuss and fanfare he has gone.

We wish him well and hope he enjoys his 7 day weekend.

Thank you Brian, we will miss you.

Inflatable Spa Heater Not Working? We Can Help!- REDUCED PRICE


Here in the UK we are, hopefully, at the start of rare ‘good’ summer. That is to say we’ve had more warm, sunny, dry days than rain for a change! Summer means that for those who are lucky enough to own a spa pool, it will be getting much more use than normal.

Even on the hottest of summer days, it is still necessary to heat the water in a spa pool, and when the heater stops working, it can render a spa unusable. BUY NOW – PRICES SLASHED

Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg
Lay-Z-Spa Element 2000w 240v Egg

Infrequent use, and damp or humid storage conditions, can see old heaters fail, and the last thing you want to do is get into your spa and find that the heater either doesn’t work at all, or is not heating as rapidly as it used to do.

We Can Replace Your Inflatable Spa Heating Element

Has your Inflatable Spa stopped heating up? This can be an indication of a problem with  your hot tub heating element.

Thankfully, here at we are the heating element specialists, and hot tub elements are no exception!

We can very easily and rapidly replace the element for you, and in no time at all, you’ll be back to enjoying your warm and bubble Inflatable Spa!

Read more about our Inflatable  Spa heater elements here, alternatively, you can get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Update 21/05/2019 You can now BUY a replacement Inflatable Spa heater elements here, At REDUCED PRICE – SPECIAL OFFER

BSP Thread Sizes – A constant source of frustration for our customers

Brass Heads for Industrial Immersion Heaters

Industrial Immersion Heater Brass Screw Plug Head Components in various BSP Sizes from (¾”) 0.75″ to (2½”) 2.5″

It should be simple.

You measure something, and that is the size.


Not if you are measuring a thread, especially if it is a B.S.P. (Bristish Standard Pipe) thread……The size was originally based on the inner diameter measured in inches of a steel tube for which the thread was intended. This often causes confusion, as people think the size refers to the outside diameter of the male thread.

For example, the most common BSP Size for UK Immersion Heaters is 2¼” BSP.
However, if you measure roughly across the threads to check the diameter, it looks closer to 2½”, 2.58″ or 65.71mm, to be precise. But, how can you be precise when you have just struggled to remove an old immersion heater and you might be using a tape measure to try to gauge the thread?

If you ask for a 2½” BSP immersion heater to be made, it will arrive with a thread size of almost 2.96″ or 75.18mm, which will be really annoying as there is no way it will fit, it will be the thread size you asked for but not the size you need. It is the same for all other BSP threads so caution is required.

We at TPFay will try our best to guide you when you ask for a particular BSP size on a heater you would like us to make for you. We may seem to ask you to check the size you need, to the point of annoyance, but we are trying to guide you. We have encountered so many customers who have unwittingly ordered an immersion heater with the wrong size, it can be an expensive and frustrating experience.

Below is a table of common BSP sizes we use for TPFay Immersion Heaters and Element Fittings. Because we use it all the time it is simple for us, but we know it is less than straightforward if you are unfamiliar with the sizes, so was have a handy tip to help you identify the thread size you need if you are trying to measure around a male thread, it is almost impossible with a tape or desk rule.

BSP Thread Form

BSP Thread form

Nominal Size BSP  Thread Form Type  Major Diameter mm d=D  Pitch mm p  Threads per inch tpi 
C= circumferunce
¼” BSP 13.16 1.337 19 41.3
3/8 “ BSP 16.66 1.337 19 52.35
½” BSP 20.96 1.814 14 65.83
¾” BSP 26.44 1.814 14 83.07
1 “ BSP 33.25 2.309 11 109.45
1¼” BSP 41.91 2.309 11 131.66
1½” BSP 47.80 2.309 11 150.18
1¾” BSP 53.75 2.309 11 168.85
2 “ BSP 59.61 2.309 11 187.28
2¼” BSP 65.71 2.309 11 206.43
BSP 75.18 2.309 11 236.2
  1. Cut a strip of paper that you can wrap around the thread you want to measure.
  2. Draw a Line across it with a pen or pencil.
  3. Wrap the paper strip once around the thread and make a second mark where the paper overlaps the first mark.
  4. Unwrap the paper and measure the distance between the marks. This should correspond to one of the measurements on C=Circumference (C)  mm  above.

If you have any difficulty, give us a call 03703 505058.