Coronovirus update 11.06.2020

Coronavirus Update – We are, and have remained open for enquiries and limited stock orders throughout the lockdown.

We had closed production, temporarily from 24.03.2020 while we assessed the ongoing situation in order to protect the health of our team and society in general.

We have started a partial resumption of production, however the situation remains fluid and may change at short notice.

We are working to clear the backlog of orders we have been fortunate to receive over the shutdown and we are aiming to prioritise orders in the schedule they were received where possible.

We will give priority to healthcare or other critical applications.

We will update our status as events unfold.

Our trade counter is closed and collections and deliveries are by pre-arranged appointment only. All visitors must abide by social distancing guidelines.

We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for their support over the past weeks.
We hope and trust you are all safe and well.
Stay safe.
See you all soon.