CV-19 Update from Our Carrier DX

We hope you remain safe during these ongoing challenging times.
Following the Government’s announcement of a second lockdown across England starting at 12.01am on Thursday 5th November, we wanted to write and update you regarding our current service provision.
DX are identified by the Government as an essential business and we are committed to continue providing a service for our Customers’ during these difficult times in order to support our Country’s infrastructure and supply chain.
DX have plans in place to minimise service disruption during these extraordinary times and will endeavour to affect delivery within service criteria, however, there may be circumstances beyond our control which could lead to delays. The volatility of volumes in carrier networks, seasonal impact and increased online demand or reduction in availability of manpower due to COVID-19 cases and associated self-isolation issues are some of the situations beyond our control.
Our primary consideration remains to protect our customers, consignees and especially our DX colleagues whilst continuing to provide a functioning collection and delivery service.
DX continues to follow and monitor the official guidance from the UK Government, Public Health England and Local Authorities. We know it is vitally important for us to ensure that our robust procedures remain in place to support the health and wellbeing of everyone. On this basis, we continue to operate a contactless delivery procedure, as detailed below:
 If a proof of delivery is required, wherever possible, our driver will place the items on the recipient’s doorstep/Goods Inwards area, ring or knock the door as appropriate and then, where safe to do so, retreat 2 metres away.  Once the door is opened and/or the driver acknowledged, our driver will confirm and enter the recipient’s name and endorse with ‘CV’ (Coronavirus) in the signature field.  The ‘CV’ endorsed signature will then be classed as a successfully completed contactless delivery.  Recipients will still have the opportunity at point of delivery to highlight any damaged or missing item(s) and have this information noted against the proof of delivery (POD).  The POD will be classed as a clear signature (even when signed ‘CV’) unless endorsed otherwise.  Any claims arising will be processed in line with the relevant DX Conditions of Carriage.
We trust that you will understand and support the steps DX are continuing to take and we will notify you of updates as and when the need arises or as guidelines change. If you have any queries or require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact your local Depot team.
Finally, we once again thank you for your on-going support, patience and understanding, during these unprecedented times.
Kind regards,
Paul Ibbetson
Managing Director
DX Freight