Bespoke IBC Heater Designed, Built & Delivered in Just 24 hours!

Our friends over at Oil Salvage Ltd, called us. They have IBC Containers that contain a liquid that was suffering from a lack of viscosity now that the weather is cooler. A special Heating Element was required to raise the temperature, to get the liquid flowing correctly.

An Intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a container used for transport and storage of fluids and bulk materials.

There are some standard products that can be used as jackets over IBC containers, but they are quite delicate and can easily suffer damage in many industrial environments, especially if they are not handled with great care.

Oil Salvage Ltd, needed us to manufacture a special heater that would fit into the cap on the top of the IBC.

“Oh, and we need it tomorrow!”…

“No problem!” we said! Back at the factory, we quickly designed the heater, based on the information provided about the liquid, and the control temperature it needs to reach. We used one of our standard straight length Heating Elements, adapted standard components, and fabricated new parts.

We used our fi Industrial Immersion Heater head and IP67 Terminal Cover, because it will be used out-doors and needs to be robust enough for repeated use.

We supplied a separate Cotherm Control thermostat to be housed in an adjacent box, with the temperature probe in the full length pocket.


The heater was supplied complete with a separate Cotherm Control thermostat which was delivered only 24 hours later.  Just in time to beat the cold weather!

If you need a heater for your IBC or other special application check our bespoke design service page, or contact us, we will be delighted to help you!