About Us

We are specialists in replacing or repairing burnt out, obsolete or difficult to find heating elements and assemblies.
Renowned for speed, flexibility and quality in the production of specialised heating elements including immersion heater elements.

TPFay also offer a bespoke design service, so no matter what type of element you need, we are able to design and make it for you, from a one off to bulk orders, when it comes to custom made heating elements, we can help!

On our website you will find a comprehensive range of products, including commercial catering spare parts and components, all available to buy online or over the phone. Our products are designed and built with the benefit of many years industry experience. Even a range as wide as ours however, may not appear to meet every need, and this is where our expertise really counts; just tell us what your application is, we will help you design and build a heater to do the job. Not only that, if you need to replace an old element, talk to us first.

Company History

Established in 1978, TPFAY – The Only Name In Elements

Straight Length Element

Having previous experience in the manufacturing industry, Co-Founder Terry Fay noticed a gap in the market stemmed from demand for heating elements. From the side of his family home, Terry decided to take the opportunity and start production to source, supply and customise special heating elements. Production was joined by Peter Fay on 27th of July 1978 and TPFAY Ltd was established.

The company continued to trade from the homes and garages of the two directors. Stock of Straight length heating elements, purchased from selected UK manufacturing partners grew steadily to over 4000 items, as storage space was at a premium, every available area was used, production and storage needs were such that the loft spaces of the homes were used; it was not unusual to see bundles of Straight Length Heating Elements being carried through the kitchen to the workshop.

David Fay joined the company in 1983; he and his father,Terry ensured the continued growth of the company by creating a policy of good customer service and quality. The company increasingly became known as The Only Name in Elements.

Growth for the newly established company required a bigger space, accommodated by the purchase of the factory across the street from the family home.

The journey to work was never too difficult for Terry.

Our team now includes the 4th generation of Fay’s within the company. The roles between the three are varied across the vital business functions. You can view details of all our team members here.

Our Factory

The home of TPFAY, over the years we have grown in size to accommodate demand from both niche and mainstream markets. It was important we respond to the needs of those overlooked by large volume producers.

Aerial View of increased production facility



Before and After

New Heating Element Workshops 

Before and After

Before and After Image of Element Store

Skilled technicians were employed to meet demand, investment in plant and machinery, technology, production improvements and training continued.



A New UK Manufacturing Company

On April 28 2011 the first 8mm Incoloy Metal Sheathed Rod Heating element was produced from the new manufacturing facility.

Since that time, tens of thousand more have been produced. Supplied daily to satisfy the demanding quality requirements of TPFay (Kirkby) Ltd and our customers.

See more about our production capabilities here Straight Length Heating Elements

Future Plans

Metal Sheathed Tubular Rod Heating Elements remain a one of the most versatile and robust methods of heating a diverse range of materials reliably and efficiently. As energy conservation and efficient consumption will remain a priority for society, we will seek to help our customers use our products to best effect. 

We will continue to follow lean principals of operation and production and wherever possible we will implement energy efficient methods of operation to minimise our environmental impact.


Emphasis on customer service and the drive for continual improvement, earned TPFay (Kirkby) Ltd a place in a survey by BDO of the top 100 North West UK companies in 1994.