Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions, however if something you want to know about is not covered on this page, then please do contact us here or call us on 03703 505058 and we will do our best to help and answer any questions you have.

Q. Do you sell elements and spares direct to the public?
A. Yes we sell direct to both trade and public customers.

Q. What if I don’t know the watts and volts for the element I want to replace?
A. Elements should have a stamp or engraved mark showing the watts, volts, and possibly manufacturer identification within the first 100mm of at least one terminal. These can be difficult to read, (tip: rub a little chalk into the mark to make it easier to read).

Q. What if I don’t know the part number for the heating element that I need to replace?
A. We are familiar with most of the heating elements available on the market. If you aren’t sure about the part number, you can send us in a picture, bring the old element in for us to look at or you can send us a drawing including measurements and we can take it from there.

Q. How can I send you a drawing?
A. You can fax a sketch to 03703 505059; sorry our Fax to email Service is out of service as of 22/06/2018 but as we know there are not many fax machines now, simply sketch the element onto a piece of paper, add as many dimensions as you can, (add your name and number if you want a call back) take a picture of your sketch and email it to sales@tpfay.co.uk or text it or WhatsApp to +44(0)7926 95 3456. Alternatively, simply scan in your sketch and send it to use via email sales@tpfay.co.uk.

For more information on sending sketches and pictures to us, please see here.

Q. Do you provide online ordering?
A. We are keen to provide you with a personal service and given the bespoke nature of many of our products this is exactly what we do. Selected products are available to order online HERE. Due to popular demand however, we are soon going to be adding new functionality to our website to allow you to order heating elements and spares online.

Q. How do I find products on your website?
A. You will be able to search our product range by using the product search box located on every page. Alternatively you can give us a call on 03703 505058 and we can assist you.

Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A. No we do not have a minimum order quantity.  We are able to cater for any type of order from single one-off items through to large bulk orders.

Q. How fast is delivery?
A. For stock items, delivery is usually same day if ordered before 3:30pm. For items that we don’t hold in stock or are made to order we aim for delivery to be within a few days. We can give you a more accurate estimate at your time of order and we will endeavor to update you regularly throughout the process.

Once your order is dispatched, you will be emailed with a tracking number and time slot so you will know when to expect your delivery.

Q. Do you offer same day delivery?
A. Yes, surcharges will apply. Please contact us for further details.

Q. Can I collect my order?
A. Yes, you can collect your order in person from us. As soon as your order is ready we will give you a call and let you know. You’ll find more details about our location and how to find us here.

Q. How can I pay for my order?
A. Most Major Credit and Debit cards can be accepted, Paypal, CASH, cleared cheques or direct bank transfer. Please phone 03703 505058 or email finance@tpfay.co.uk if you require any further details.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes we do ship internationally, surcharges will apply. Please contact us for further costs and details.

Q. Are all quotations free?
A. Mostly, however for larger more complex bespoke designs we may implement a design charge however we will notify you of this before we go ahead.

Q. Why are Thermostats not included with your FI range of Industrial Immersion Heaters?
A. As these heaters are extremely versatile and can be utilised for a wide variety of applications, it is best to specify the temperature range you require, for example a commercial application may require a higher or lower temperature range than a heater used for a domestic or commercial hot-water system where special thermostats with over temperature safety devices must be used. Thermostats are generally fitted to our Rosamon Range of Industrial Immersion Heaters as these have been generally designed for specific applications and have specified thermostats incorporated as part of the design, where applicable.

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