Meet The TPFay Teams

You will find information and links to our team members below, further information and links will be added , check back for updates. You can contact any member of the team by clicking here.

Technical Sales – Bespoke and Standard Heating Elements

Anthony Flinn
Technical Sales and Design Manager

Joshua Rosen
Technical Sales and Design

Ann LeylandJess Rees
Sales Admin 

Technical Sales
t +44 (0)3703 50 50 58
WhatsApp +447926 95 3456

Production – Bespoke Heating Element Specialist Technicians

TPFay (Kirkby) Ltd

John Woulfe
Matthew Soo
Sam Appleton
Luke Mullen
Matt Farrell
Simon O’Neill
Owen Hitchmough
Lee Barton

Shipping and Inventory Control – Catering Spares Specialist, Procurement and Inventory Control –

David DugdaleDavid Brown

Accounts, Administration and Marketing –

Ann LeylandAnn Leyland


Judy HyderKatie Fay


Sarah FaySarah Fay


  Hannah Fay


Production – Straight Length Heating Element Manufacturing Unit

Straigh Heating Elements Production Team

TPFay Management –


David FayDavid Fay


Carolyn FayCarolyn Fay


Our team are able to provide bespoke heating elements to meet rapid deadline requirements, easily integrating with regular medium to high volume manufacturing orders on scheduled deliveries.

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