Liverpool Catering Spares & Heating Elements

Much as we love the great city of Liverpool and surrounding areas, the service that we offers isn’t confined to this location. From our base in Kirkby, Liverpool, the service that we offer covers the whole of the UK and further afield.

On our website we provide detailed information on a vast range of catering spare parts, but our range is so large, we don’t list everything that we stock on the site. If you don’t spot the replacement parts you are after, then It’s always worth getting in touch with us to find out if we can help – we almost always can!

Some Of Our Customers

Existing customers are located all over the country and indeed all over the globe! Customers buy replacement heating elements for a wide range of different food preparation, serving and cooking machines and equipment, covering both domestic and commercial applications.

Our customers typically run breweries, hotel kitchens, restaurants, cafes and cafeterias, fast food outlets, mobile food vans and outside catering companies.

For those in the catering industry in particular, our nationwide service can be a real blessing. Just before service is due to begin is the worst time for a heating element to fail, and catering professionals all over the country have been using TPFay for many years to replace their old burnt out or inefficient catering elements.

With the cost of professional catering equipment so high, even the biggest and most professional of kitchens can’t afford to have any of their equipment out of action. We’ve proven time and time again that when equipment fails, we can design and deliver in record time!

Catering Spare Parts We Supply

Below are details of just some of the catering spares that we stock. If it’s not listed on the website, remember, we are still very likely to have the replacement part that you are looking for, just get in touch with us and we’ll be pleased to help you!

  • Gas controls and gas burners as well as pilot assemblies
  • Rod thermostats for immersion heaters
  • Plumbing floats, valves and spray houses
  • Electrical fuses, switches, relays and heat lamps
  • Oven seals, control knobs, catches and hinges

You can find out more about the spare parts we stock here.