Bain Marie Heating Elements

Here at TPFay we are able to supply from stock or design Bain Marie heating elements to your exact specification. We are able to supply replacement parts for most makes and models of Bain Marie including Maestrowave, Parry Catering Equipment, Lincat, Buffalo, Falcon and Roller Grill. If you require a replacement part for a manufacturer, not listed, then please get in touch as we will still be able to help you.

Bain Marie Heating Elements

610mm W Shape Heating Elements 250Watt 240Volt

Bain Marie Elements

Bain Marie Heater Elements


How to Order

Tell us what part you need, or if you are missing information, you can simply, send us a sketch or drawing of your vessel. A simple line sketch with some dimensions will be fine. Find out more about our bespoke Bain Marie heating element design service.

We Can Make Any Bain Marie Heating Element You Need

In order to have an element custom made, simply supply us with a diagram and some dimensions. If you are not sure, just mark where you want the terminal ends to be with an X as shown in the diagram below.

Bain Marie Element Sketch

Simple Bain Marie Sketch

Let us know the Wattage you require, Voltage and if it is for a Wet or Dry -Bain Marie. We’ll also need to know the diameter or thread size of any glands.

If you are at all unsure, give us a call on +44 (0)370 3 50 50 58 or get in touch with us here.