Heating Elements for Special Applications

If you have a special application requiring the application of heat using heating elements, contact us, we will be pleased to assist you. Our company has decades of combined experience providing heating elements for a diverse variety of applications for an equally diverse variety of industrial and commercial sectors Catering, Food Processing, Agriculture, Sports and Leisure, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Marine, Aerospace, Utilities, Automotive, Medical.

Weld Pre-Heating

Our client needed a quick and simple solution to safely preheat some flanges made from special alloys, before they could be repaired by welding. From their dimensions and specification we calculated the wattage required to bring the piece to temperature. A straight length metal sheathed rod was selected from our stock. Formed to a multi-coil shape around the edge of the flange, secured by a steel clamp. We provided a simple control using an Energy Regulator and the weld was completed on schedule for their client site.

Weld Pre-heating

Model of Pre-heating of Valve Flanges for Welding 

Pre-heating of Valve Flanges for Welding

Installed Element Pre-heating Valve for Welding







 Autoclave for Aerospace Fabrication 

Building special Autoclave equipment for Aerospace is the speciality of one of our clients. An autoclave applies both heat and pressure to the workload placed inside of it. It is a method of fabricating high-tech composite structures. TPFay Heating Elements Provide the temperature for the process; installed around the wall of the vessel, they operate under extreme pressures.


Autoclave with TPFay Elements Installed






Glass Bottle Mould Pre-Heater

Glass Bottle Mould Pre-Heater

Glass Bottle Mould Pre-Heater


Whiskey Bottle

This client made special glass bottles for whiskey distillers. One distillery commissioned him to make a very large version of their unique green “Triangular” Shape Green Malt Whiskey Bottle.
Our customer had already provided external heat to the mould but required a special heater to maintain the surface temperature of the mould just before the blob was inserted for blowing, without this additional heat the metal surface would have lost too much heat and left surface imperfections. Result – Perfect Bottles.

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