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Replacement Grill Element for Twin Rangemaster Mercury Oven Range

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Mercury Rangemaster Dual Grill Element Replacement4500W 240V – replaces original 3000W 240V
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This element assembly gives an improved consistent spread of radiant heat to make grilling more even over the entire cooking area.

The increased output provides rapid cooking where required and is fully controllable via the existing temperature / energy regulator.


The element is also listed as LINCAT Part number EL51 – declared as “discontinued” by Lincat.

Manufacturer has declared this element obsolete, but there is no need to replace your entire Range Cooker, save money by fitting this improved replacement and continue using your oven / grill.

Please ensure our element matches the existing element before placing your order, dimensions are shown on our drawing.

Link to Original Equipment Manufacturer Catalogue (opens new tab)

*** NOTE INCREASED WATTAGE ** Original Element 3000w 240v total

TPFay (Kirkby) Ltd is a manufacturer of bespoke heating elements, based in Liverpool.
Established in 1978, a family company, offering only quality products and service. We are a UK manufacturer.

The element offered is an alternative replacement for an obsolete part NOT A GENUINE ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER SUPPLIED PART or BULK MADE AFTERMARKET SPARE PART.

We are not associated or connected to the oven manufacturer in any way, the trade / brand names used are for reference only as we have been advised by previous customers. Please ensure our element matches the existing element before placing your order, dimensions are shown on our drawing.

We have made these elements as we see a demand that cannot be satisfied elsewhere by the manufacturer or other bulk spares suppliers.

We do not have any experience of repair or fitting these elements in the appliance.

We recommend you use a qualified technician to remove the old element and fit our replacement.

If you have any questions – Please feel free to ask, we will do our best to answer you.

If you have any concerns about this element as a suitable replacement for the lower wattage original, please see the review below from the first customer to fit and use this 4500Watt replacement.

Hello David,

As promised, I've followed up on your request for some further information:

Does it Cook / Grill evenly? YES

Does it Cook / Grill faster? Not really sure, since we regulate the power to cook things at the right temperature/speed. I can't measure against the old element, because you have it, but it certainly has a much brighter glow and is hotter.

Is it fully controllable with the Existing controls? YES. The controls show no signs of excessive arcing/wear as a result of the increased current.

Did the element fit easily as a direct replacement? A better question is "Was the element an accurate replica of the original?" - the element is a complete pain to fit, but that's due to the oven design not your handiwork! The old element was difficult to remove. However, I didn't have to bend/cut/adjust/grind anything for your one to fit. The original element screwed to a small plate that provided the earth post, and this plate then screwed to the back of the grill. I think this is due either to an element change by design or the element coming from another application. A small improvement would be for your mount-plate to be full size to save having to get the plate off the old element.

Would you recommend others to use this Replacement element? YES, definitely. This model of Mercury cooker was hand-made by Lincat. The newer Mercury cookers are mass produced by Rangemaster and are nowhere near as solid/good quality. It was a £3k cooker, so replacing an element for your cost after ten years seems to me to be perfectly reasonable. Plus, you chaps are the only ones that (now) supply the elements - you're onto a winner! (except that there probably aren't that many of these cookers around).

My biggest concern was the increased current draw and how the house wiring handled it. The cooker is on a 10mm cable and a 40A RCD, so the cable's fine and the MCB can just about take it. Some customers might have it on a 6mm cable and a 32A MCB - the cable will be fine but the MCB would need to be changed. Current draw:

Small oven: 11.7A
Large oven: 9.7A (odd, I know, but it's fan assisted).
Grill small: 7.8A
Grill full: 16A
Max draw with all elements lit (cold): 37.7A

These are measured at the consumer unit with a clamp meter. The grill seems low based on the simple P=VI formula, but we do have slightly high voltage (c 250v) because we're rural so are fed by transformed 11kV supply. I'm not complaining, since I've not had to change the MCB!

Anyway, I hope this information if of use.



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