IBC Special Purpose Immersion Heaters

Special Purpose Immersion Heaters for IBC containers.

TPFay custom manufacture special purpose Immersion Heaters
for IBC containers.

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IBC’s containing liquids and ingredients that become less viscous and difficult to handle at low temperatures.


Incoloy heating element formed to coil for efficient heat transfer at low level within IBC
316 Stainless Steel Non-Heated Vertical Conduit
Alloy 800 or AISI316 Thermostat Pocket
Stainless Steel IBC Cap cover – loose fit to prevent contamination.
300x300x120 Coated Steel IP65 Terminal Enclosure


Manufactured to your requirements.

Typical Dimensions

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  • Integrated Multi-pole Isolator switch with Lock-out facility to prevent operation when out of IBC.
  • Power, Heating, and Reset indicator lamps.
  • Control Thermostat -5°c to +40°c Auto Reset, 16A Single Pole – 1000mm Capillary Length
  • Secondary Hi-Limit Thermal shut off device Adjustable set point 0-100°c. Requires manual reset.


  • Mechanical contactor for Heaters requiring switching capacity greater than 16 Amp or for 3 phase option.


Hours of production time
Hundreds or Thousand of litres of key ingredients


We have some standard Heaters Listed Here.
Your needs may differ, for a heater that is individually designed and built for your application, please contact us for your quotation call 03703 50 50 58 Quote IBC Heater