Rosamon Immersion Heaters

Rosamon Industrial Immersion Heaters are specialist heaters designed for commercial applications. The Rosamon brand is renowned and widely used in commercial catering, food processing, utensil washing, engine and generator set pre-heating systems.

Rosamon industrial immersion heaters

Here at we design and build Rosamon immersion heating elements that are supplied throughout the UK to a number of stockists, however, you can buy them direct from us.

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Rosamon Immersion Heaters are a truly unique range of custom built immersion heaters, incorporating close thermal control and added protection against boil dry operation only imitated elsewhere. Rosamon formed elements and Immersion Heaters can be constructed to enable the use of multiple thermostats and contactors to ensure reliable and efficient operation and minimal additional wiring of external components for the installation contractor saving time and money.

Rosamon formed heating elements

Immersion Heaters designed to the Rosamon Standard, built to last.

TPFay (Kirkby) Ltd acquired Heating Equipment Ltd. in 2004. The company had been designing and manufacturing “Rosamon” Immersion Heaters since 1931 . Throughout this period the Rosamon brand has earned an unparalleled reputation for quality and reliability.

TPFay (Kirkby) Ltd. had been designing and manufacturing other heating elements since 1978. Today we have over 80 years combined experience with the extensive knowledge transferred from Heating Equipment Ltd.

Rosamon Immersion Heater

Rosamon Immersion Heater 9kw 240/415v 2¼”BSP 

Rosamon 3/4"BSP Immersion Heater

Rosamon Immersion Heater ¾”BSP 









Our Rosamon Immersion Heater range comprises some 800 variations if immersion heaters, a small sample from which is shown below. Once control options are added this range exceeds 3000 variants.

Single items from this range are generally available for dispatch within 24 hours. In addition a significant part of our business consists of manufacturing “special” heaters tailored precisely to our customers’ applications.

The emphasis remains sharply focused on quality and reliability, whilst retaining many of the original design criteria, materials and components have been and will continue to be updated to ensure that your equipment, fitted with Rosamon Immersion Heaters, will perform to exceed the performance of a standard Immersion Heater.

Rosamon specialist range of water industrial immersion heaters

The Rosamon range of specialist commercial water immersion heaters are used for the following applications.

  • Washing and sterilizing
  • Pre heating
  • Catering and Vending applications
  • Engine pre-heating
  • Steriliser Elements (Crockery Rinsing Sinks)
  • Three Incoloy Element
  • Special Characteristics
  • Thermostats
  • Low Water or Boil-Dry Protection
  • Re-settable / Contactors