Straight Heating Element Standard Stock

Standard Stock of Tubular straight elements can be ordered online below.
Manufactured in a range of sheath materials. Fully annealed we will seal your elements with 2 part RTV Silicone Seal, please call us if you need an alternative – see our guide here.

Straight Length Element

8mm Diameter Alloy 800

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Sectional View of Straight Heating Element

Sectional Product View


Designed to meet BS7351-1990.
Elements can also be bent to particular requirements and provided with fixing bushes and other mountings.


  • Resistance coils evenly stretched & centred in a metal sheath, filled with MgO, and heavily compacted.
  • Available in round section sizes, in various sheath materials, such as incoloy, stainless steel, copper, & titanium.
  • Can be fitted with fins, bushes (glands), ferrules, fixing-plates, brackets, leads, boxes, & many termination options.


This most versatile of elements has almost unlimited uses in heating air & gasses, liquids, solids, and vessels, as well as infra-red applications. Because it can be formed to extremely complex shapes, and grouped to give high power outputs, it is the most widely used element type, and can be found in practically every industry, either alone, or assembled into appliances or machines.

Enquiries are invited for elements not listed. Please state quantity, sheath material, watts loading, voltage, sheath length, inactive length, mounting method and end termination required. If elements are required bent to shape, please forward dimensioned sketch or drawing. Quotations will be sent by return.