Bespoke Element Design

TP Fay carry a massive range of heating elements and spare parts, but even a range as wide as ours cannot meet every need, and this is where our expertise really counts; just tell us what your application is, and we will help you design and build a heater to do the job.

custom heating element design serviceNot only that, but if you need to replace an old immersion heater or formed element, please do talk to us first. Where it is necessary, we may be able to repair or rebuild your old heating element, offering you considerable savings in time and money.

Get in touch with us here to find out more or take a look at our repairs page for more information.

From a one off individual order to a larger multiple purchase is here to help you

We can also provide you with sound technical help with your heating problems, making you a custom part to fit your heating equipment.  We will offer unbiased STRAIGHT-FORWARD advice on the best possible solution to your needs.

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Custom Designed Heating Element

Custom Designed Element From Sketch 

Hygienic Flange Immersion Heaters

Hygienic Flange Immersion Heaters

Industrial Immersion Heater - fi - FAY INDUSTRIAL Range IP67

TPFay Industrial Immersion Heaters

Bespoke Formed Heating Element

Bespoke Formed Heating Element

IBC with TPFAY Special Immersion Heater


Bespoke Heating Element

Bespoke Heating Element Design Service