Element Repairs

Here at TPFay we are looking to save our customers time and money.

Therefore, where it is required because of custom design or special components, we can sometimes offer a repair service for old obsolete or burnt out heating elements. If you need to replace an old immersion heater or formed element, in many cases we can repair or rebuild your old heating element offering you considerable savings.

If you are looking for a repair or replacement please contact us for more information. We will look to save resources and recycle components if it is economical and safe to do so.

We always look to see if we can repair heaters, we do not like to waste materials or resources. Re-use is a valuable saving in some instances.

However, the construction of some existing heaters do not match our design and assembly criteria.

In these instances we use our judgement to determine, if repair of the existing heater is possible but may carry a great deal of risk of failure in service and during manufacture / repair process.

A contingency cost may be required to cover such risk.

The risk, combined with the time and resource required to attempt any repair, may be much greater than the material cost to manufacture a new heater, at this point we will offer the best alternative or replacement design.

80Kw 415 Flange Heater Re-build Repair

Cocoa Ingredient Process Heater. Using 48 New 4000mm Long 1666w 8mm Sheathed Heating Elements Welded to existing special flange, with new Stainless Steel Baffle Plates. This repair saved the client site thousands of pounds against the cost of a replacement from the process equipment manufacturer quoted cost and was completed in a fraction of the time.


Multi element flange heater repair for a process heating application


A close up of the baffle of the heater


Completed repair of large flange heater

Not all of our repairs are as large as this one, we can assist with even the smallest of heater.

Simple formed Element – Before and After

Repair - Replacement of Heating Element

Repair – BEFORE and AFTER                  Replacement of Heating Element from pieces to brand new in hours…

Griddle Element – Before and After

Griddle Heating  Element Before

BEFORE                  Griddle Heating Element sent to TPFay as a sample  

Griddle Heating Element After - repair - Replacement

AFTER             Griddle Heating Element Re-made by TPFay to replace sample

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