Straight Length Heating Elements Available Now at TPFAY

SAME DAY Despatch before 1pm Mon-Fri for Sealed Heating Elements in stock now!

We have hundreds of straight length heating elements on the shelf. These can be oven cured and sealed with RTV, High Temp or Resin for despatch next working day. However – we now have selected RTV sealed elements ready for despatch same day on orders placed before 1pm.

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This most versatile of heating elements has almost unlimited uses in heating air & gasses, liquids, solids, and vessels, as well as infra-red applications. Because it can be formed to extremely complex shapes, and grouped to give high power outputs, it is the most widely used element type, and can be found in practically every industry, either alone, or assembled into appliances or machines.

Straight Rod Heating Elements manufactured by TPFAY annealed as standard to be designed into any shape of heater. Can be used immersed to heat liquid, operate in air/gas or heat solids.

8mm⌀ Rod Heating Elements from 10″ to 196″, vast range of wattage specification, 2-18″ Cold Ends.

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With TPFay manufactured elements, you can have a bespoke made to order batch in as little at 7 days.

Made In Britain