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Here to Help

A breakdown at our customer left production stopped.




We were able to help by making replacements within a few hours.

The message of thanks was really appreciated, by the whole team. But you are very welcome!

Hi Sarah
Thanks for the fast action on our order. Really pulled us out of a disaster. Thanks to the manufacturing people as well.
Stuart Masson | Manufacturing
DAMS Furniture Ltd. (Trading as DAMS International)


Replacement Apollo Gem Heating Element – Customer Testimonial

When a customer requested a quote for an immersion heater element for their domestic hot water system to help take full advantage of the new solar pv installation, we were more than happy to help out!

Happy customer

Measuring the element that needed replacing proved a little tricky, and our client had to first drain the cylinder & remove the immersion in order to take the required measurements. Once we were supplied with the measurements and power output information, we were able to quickly supply the replacement part.

There were no suitable standard thermostats to measure and control the temperature near the bottom of the cylinder, so we recommended that they contact Apollo Solar Electric.

A couple of weeks later our happy customer contacted us back to say:

Hi David

 Just to let you know (as promised) that the unit has been  installed over a fortnight now & it works a treat (in  conjunction with my Apollo gem immersion heater switch) I  now have hot water early mornings & a bit later have a  full tank of h/w with apollo gem heating the short element  first & then switching to long element when short stat  is satisfied.

Thanks for your help + speedy service & will recommend your company whenever  I  can.

Peter Fielden

Fantastic feedback i’m sure you’ll agree, and we are delighted that we have yet another satisfied customer!