We Make-up for Makeup – Bespoke Heater Design

Bespoke Heater design for heating cosmetic formulas.

At TPFay we find ourselves working within many different industries, whether that be simple replacements for catering spares or creating a bespoke heater for an industrial application. In this instance we landed in the cosmetics industry!

Recommended to contact us by a friend (Our favourite kind of advertising) Mike Dargan of Dashbo Ltd, brought another new application for us.

Dashbo are a manufacturer of Theatrical and Special FX makeup. A new formulation that they were working on required a bespoke heater to operate in an insulated container, then maintained at a constant temperature.

Mike visited our team at the factory, bringing the container along, and explaining his requirement for the application.

Dashbo needed something that was hygienic, low watt surface temperature and easily removable to permit easy cleaning of the container and the element after use. Straight away we got to work!

After discussing various options we designed a heater to fit the container for the first trial production batch.

Drawing of Bespoke Heater designed for heating makeup formulas

A few simple designs were drawn up sent for the customer’s approval. A pocket was incorporated for simple plug in digital controller.

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Finished Product image of Bespoke Heater Designed for heating new formulas in makeup development