A British Manufacturing Company

Amid all the talk of exit negotiations from the EU, upcoming trade agreements with countries around the globe, exchange rate worries, tariffs and duties, protectionism, the world of trade looks a little perilous right now.

So why not Buy British?

TPFay saw the perils of a shrinking UK market of suppliers in 2009, and decided to do something about it. Our supplier base in the UK was getting smaller, we could, and did, explore the world for additional and alternative suppliers for heating elements. There are many manufacturers to carefully choose from; but, even with the best quality products, logistics were always an issue. The sometimes random delivery time and fluctuating cost to ship goods around the world made us wary of looking to import our heating elements.

We invested heavily, in new plant and machinery, and quietly, began making our own straight length heating elements in 2011.Company History

We have gained security in our supply chain, can offer you rapid delivery, and can be assured of quality from start to finish in all aspects of our key product – Heating Elements.

Plus we have created and secured British jobs, we have done our bit to try to even out our little bit of the trade balance.

Our production techniques are unique and environmentally frugal.

TPFay are undoubtedly reliant on some raw materials that are sourced outside the UK but wherever possible we will use UK manufacturers and suppliers. We are not closed off to the prospect of global trade, we are keen exporters of our products, worldwide.

So we would like to urge you to Buy British, especially if you are considering buying heating elements, but more than that, if you can make a positive choice when buying or specifying any items. Ask questions of your suppliers, can it be British sourced. Obviously, cost is a consideration, but after shipping, import costs, potential delays and so many more factors, is a UK supplier really more expensive? Your order could make a difference, to your company, to your supplier and the UK economy as a whole. Give it a try. Give us a try.