Finned Tubular Heating Elements

Finned Tubular Heating Elements are typically used in dry applications which require a low watt density.

Two Finned Heating Elements manufactured by TPFay bottom right of image. Tpfay logo displayed on left had side of image.

Finned tubular air heating elements are constructed like basic tubular elements with the addition of continuous spiral fins. Attached by means of specialist machinery to roll and crimp the spiral fin material to create good contact and thermal heat transfer away from the element by increasing the surface area. The fin is generally crimped or welded at each end.

This type of heating element is used when the available space in an application is limited, but the wattage required is still high.

Our Finned Heating Elements are built with our standard 8mmØ sheath. With the applied fin this is 22mm OD.

Let’s compare…

Shown above in Image A is a standard 8mm U bent tubular heating element. At 3000W 240V the watt density levels for this element would be recommended for immersed applications only.

By using finning technique shown in Image B, the surface area has significantly increased. This means although the wattage has remained the same at 3000W 240V, the watt density has reduced significantly and would have a reduced risk of failure in a dry environment.

A lower watt density can reduce the risk of premature failure in heaters. However, finned heaters can be harder to maintain. In many cases, a finned element can be substituted with a different shape to allow a larger surface area. For example a finned U bend can be replaced with a loop or a coil.

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