Happy Brewing!

You know us, you know elements – but where are we every day?

At TPFAY, we cater to so many industries it can be hard to keep track of where we end up, so we decided to make a blog series where we talk about how we support different sectors in different ways! Our idea behind this is to highlight just how diverse we can be, maybe after reading you will be able to see us a lot more throughout your day – not just in the oven! Today we are looking at the Brewing industry.

Let’s talk brewing…

When brewing, your downtime is critical for lean production. What causes the most downtime for your brewing application? Cleaning. It has to be done, but it doesn’t have to be so tedious!

We provide brewery elements specifically designed to carry a lower watt density, meaning less material clinging to your element. We also provide electropolished heaters making the cleaning process much easier so you can get back to the part you enjoy doing- brewing!

TPFay have produced a variety of immersion heaters for breweries and micro-breweries. Immersion Heaters of Standard construction with screw plug threads, Flange Heaters, Top Entry Tank Heaters (Removable) and Hygienic Flange quick change.

FI Industrial Immersion Heater - screw plug immersion heater

Fi – Fay Industrial Immersion Heaters

Standard construction screw plug immersion heaters with single or multiple elements, thermostats and IP67 Terminal Covers.

Brew Style Hook

These are a variation of our FI immersion heaters, the elements are designed for splaying during your cleaning process.
FI Immersion Heater Hooked Brew Style
Fay Brewing Immersion Heater using larger diameter heating elements in assembly.

FB or UB9 Immersion Heaters

Introducing our Brewery immersions. With larger diameter simple U bent elements built in to our standard FI set up this makes cleaning in between elements all the more easier.

Flanged Immersion Heaters

For larger heat requirements, single or multiple elements, thermostats and Special Terminal Covers.

Flanged Immersion Heater Drawing
Top Entry Over the Side Brewing Immersion Heater

Top Entry Over the Side

For easy removal and cleaning, single or multiple elements, thermostats and special terminal covers.

Hygienic Flange

 To facilitate ease of installation and removal for cleaning and maintenance of the tank or brew kettle. You can use our Hygienic Flange Immersion Heaters. Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel with Incoloy 800 Metal Sheathed Rod Elements and thermostat pocket.
Hygienic Flange Immersion Heater with components helping the ease of cleaning for Brewery Kettles.
Brew Kettle Element Drawing - question mark shape

Question Mark Brew Kettle Element

Designed to create a rolling boil – Removable for cleaning when required. Easy fit and easy removal. This fixing method is easily installed, and more importantly removed for cleaning of the vessel or the heater. Blank flange plates and additional gaskets available to facilitate closure of the tank without the heater installed.