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Industrial Immersion Heater Elements From TPFay.com

When heavy plant and industrial equipment fails, the knock on effect can be catastrophic. With just one key piece of equipment out or order, entire production processes can grind to a halt. Any production delays can be costly and need to be avoided where possible or rectified quickly when they do pop up.


Here at TPFay.com we are used to helping our customers out of difficult situations. We are regularly contacted and able to help out commercial businesses who are reliant on a range of different specialist heating, cleaning and food preparation equipment.

The Industrial Immersion Heater Element Specialists!

Commercial kitchens, breweries, caterers and many more, all turn to TPFay.com when they need to get equipment back up and running fast, and when it comes to industrial immersion heaters, we have extensive experience in the design and fabrication of elements suitable for a wide range of different applications.

We are able to work with you to design and build the best solution for you, and we can turn jobs around quickly, helping you get essential industrial equipment and machinery back up and running with minimum down time.

Read about how we helped to get Brimstage Brewery Back Up and Running again quickly, or read about how we designed and fabricated a bespoke IBC Heater in Just 24 hours here. Alternatively, you can find out more about our commercial heating elements range here.

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Getting Brimstage Brewery Back Up and Running

When an immersion heater inside a key bit of kit failed, Mike, head brewer at Brimstage Brewery, needed to find a replacement part fast in order to get their cask washer up and running again. With only a short window to do it in, Mike got in touch with us.

Brimstage Brewery

We asked Mike to send us a photo of the failed part, purchased from another supplier some time ago. We were working against the clock as the batch of beer they were currently in the process of brewing needed to be processed, and with the immersion heater broken, the casks could not be cleaned. This situation had the potential to halt their entire production process which was already being held up due to the failed immersion heater.

We were able to reassure Mike that we had all the components necessary to quickly make a new replacement, and so our team of experts started the design and fabrication process. The finished heater was assembled that very same afternoon making it possible for Mike from Brimstage to collect it first thing the following morning, and get his cask washer up and running again!

We were delighted to be able to help, and in any similar situation, we always do our best to pull out all the stops and get emergency parts assembled quickly, helping our customers minimise production delays.

Customer Testimonial

February 17th 2014

Hi folks,

Thanks for helping us get our caskwasher back up & running. We needed to get
the casks washed & filled by Friday & with your help, we did it. The speedy
service was just great.

If ever you’re on this side of the water, do pop in & say hello.

If you want to try a pint of ours in town, we’re often on sale in The
Belvedere, Ship & Mitre, Vernon, Grapes (Roscoe St) & a few more.

Thanks again,
Mike McGuigan
Head Brewer,
Brimstage Brewery.

Find out more about Brimstage Brewery here.