The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick maker and TPFay Heaters

You know us, you know heating elements – but where are we every day?

When asked who are our customers, the old rhyme comes out but it did get us thinking about the different places heating elements are used.

At TPFAY, we cater to so many industries it can be hard to keep track of where we end up, so we decided to talk about how we support different sectors in different ways! Our idea behind this is to highlight just how diverse we can be, maybe after reading you will be able to see us a lot more throughout your day, hidden in plain sight!

From your standard straight tubular elements to Industrial Immersion Heaters, we’ve got you covered.

Since we are talking about examples, surely this would be a great place to start…

The Butcher

Butcher handling meat UPSPLASH

Supporting the heating and cooling processes of the meats so they reach their highest quality. From support of storage and curing temperature of meats to sealing the bags for hygienic transport, our elements and heaters are there to help.

Take a look at a few examples of our heaters used in the industry below.

Our straight rod elements can be resin sealed and fitted with Arctic Grade Tail Wires suitable for refrigeration and freezer applications.

Our FI immersion heaters can be modified with stainless heads and electropolished elements so ensure minimal risk of contamination. Versatile and robust, these immersions can be used for equipment sterilisation in prepping of meats.

We have a wide variety of Evap Tray Elements available in stock. In addition to this, we have the ability to form our tubular elements to fit your application if required.

The Baker

We supply elements for bakers across the country whether it is domestic or industrial level. We can replace oven elements, prover elements, Chocolate and Fondant warmer heaters. Not only this, but we can support you in redesigning your heaters for optimisation.

Baked treats in a Bakery shop display UPSPLASH

Keeping the Pies warm!

Finned Pie Cabinet Heaters

In a recent Bakery project, Derek from The Dutch Bakery was having trouble with a pie warmer in the shop. The small finned elements from the original manufacturer of the cabinet were failing constantly.

Already 3 elements wired in, it was becoming a hassle to install. In addition to this, the elements were still not performing as they should. This was down to the watt density, although finning elements can be a great tool for extra surface area, the watt density was still too high.

After seeing the cabinet, we decided to go with a looped tubular heating element. This would really make use of all the space available while making installation easier.

Within just a matter of days, the new element was picked up to be installed. Derek was kind enough to bring in some treats for us (if you get a chance to visit the bakery try the Bakewell slices they are amazing!!).

After a follow up a few weeks later, we were happy to find out the Pie cabinet is now working great and the installation was much easier.

The Candlestick Maker

Wax candle sticks lit UPSPLASH

Our technical sales engineers are there to give you the best advice on how to get the best out of your immersed heating applications, no matter what the material.

Redesigning Heaters for candle production

As you can see from this before image, the sample was black, covered in debris from long wear usage and a higher watt density. Our highly skilled engineers were able to study the sample and apply the perfect bespoke solution for the application.

Apart from being new and shiny, the benefits of this new design will support longevity for the appliance.

Tubular heating element coiled design incorporated on project using immersion heaters for wax melting.

Incorporating the coiled design was done to increase the surface area, while staying within the measurements of the application. This then brought the watt density down and allowing the heater to perform better for longer.